New Blog!!!!!

Welcome to my wide world of vape flavors! I get so many opportunities to try new juice flavors that I thought I would share the experience with you guys 🙂

I’m currently vaping on a Wulf Hellhound mech-mod, ramped down to about 30watts with a Little Boy RDA and 6 wrap, dual twist, 2.5mm diameter nichrome 80 coils (that’s why 30 watt). I use Japanese cotton for my wick, and a very pretty chuff cap that I bought at my local vape shop, Dr. Vape-It. (Ps, those guys are awesome. Just saying).


Dr Vape It

This flavor has the amazing ability of being both a great summer vape and a great autumn vape. As advertised, it is a honeydew melon flavor. But it’s an authentic honeydew melon flavor that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. It has the beautiful sweet-green flavor of the honeydew that is emblematic of late summer and early autumn. But you don’t have to worry about it going out of season, the guys at Dr Vape It will have it even if you get a craving in the middle of winter.

honeydew melon

Dr Vape It Green Apple

 Just like biting into a granny Smith apple, this vape flavor offers a crisp, sour, juicy flavor profile that will drive your taste buds wild. It’s the perfect flavor for Autumn activities, and, if you ask nicely, the guys at Dr Vape It will add a touch of cinnamon to make it into a glorious apple cider. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a delightful stand-alone flavor, but the cinnamon brings the flavor awesomeness up to 11.

green apple

Dr Vape It French Vanilla

I scream, you scream, we all scream for French vanilla! Well, maybe not scream, those guys at Dr Vape it would prefer that you ask politely and in your inside voice. 

This flavor is one of the great summertime flavors. Delightfully creamy and deliciously sweet, this vape embodies all the best parts of having vanilla ice cream, and it’s non-fat, non-dairy, and non-sticky. Win win win!

french vanilla

Dr Vape It Dr’s Berry Crunch

For all you cereal lovers out there, this flavor of captain persuasion is right up your alley. It’s a wonderfully authentic tasting flavor that will have you reaching for another bowl… er… vape. Sadly, it won’t stay crunchy in milk, but that doesn’t keep it from being a delicious part of a balanced vape stash.

drs berry crunch

Dr Vape It Cohiba

Based on the luxurious cigar, this e-juice has all the flavor of the Cuban cigar, with none of the fines associated with the trade embargo. While you won’t taste the acrid smoke, you will taste tobacco, lightly kissed with honey, caramel, and vanilla. It is slightly bitter, but it is the bitter that one associates with a fine red wine, or an expensive cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

This vape is perfect for chilling in the man-cave, boating, restoring an old car to its former glory, or a night out with the guys. Just don’t expect to be able to stealth-vape with this flavor, it’s rather aromatic.


Dr Vape It Cafe Latte

A brilliant coffee flavor, and definitely and eye opener in the morning, this flavor is definitely one for the AM, although there’s nothing wrong with vaping it all day.

It’s a lot like that perfect moment of blissful peace you get from breathing in that wonderful coffee steam from your first cup of perfectly prepared coffee… provided your coffee doesn’t come after stumbling down the hall and tripping over your cat… (or dog, I’m not here to judge.)


Dr Vape It BlueGranite

Two great flavors in one! Sweet bluberries and tart pomegranite combine in this juice for a harmonious vape that’s sure to please. This wonderful blend is a geat all-day vape and is just the thing to break a busy day into maneagable bits. The berry-ness of this vape keeps me satisfied when the IRL produce is too expensive to buy.


Dr Vape It Blue Raspberry

When I was a kid, and into my teenage years, I was all about blue raspberry flavored everything. I ate the candies, had the lip balm, and even used to drink a Michigan based soda called “Blue Moon Mist”, a Faygo product that was a blue raspberry flavored Mountain Dew style drink.

This blue raspberry vape embodies my childhood and makes it seem as though everything is right with the world again. I enjoy vaping this when I need to take a break from “adulting”. Blast those pesky bills!!!!


Dr Vape It Banana Runts

This flavor is remarkable in its ability to mimic the little tooth cracking bananas in those awesome bags of Runts candies. The fine people at Dr Vape It have, however, omitted the tooth cracking experience from this e-juice so that all you are left with is a sweet banana candy vape that can win friends and influence enemies.