I was raised on media that encouraged me (and millions like me) to be compassionate. From award winning books like “Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “Stuart,” and literally hundreds of others in the children, juvenile, and young adult section of the library, to movies such as “Dumbo,” “Ferdinand the Bull,” “Harry and the Hendersons,” “E.T.,” “Babe,” “Mighty Joe Young,” and countless others that would take up an entire separate blog just to list out. 

As my followers are no doubt aware (thank you to everyone who follows me 🙂 you help me to be better) I have recently embarked on a vegan journey. A part of what I do in my down-time is research and watch films that are in line with vegan principles. You may see my mentions of “Earthlings,” “Vegucated,” and a few more from Netflix on my various posts. What you haven’t seen was my mention of a new movie called “Okja” (pronounced oak-che-ya, with the che-ya said kinda fast, to get a hard almost single syllable out of it… it’ll make sense when you hear Mija say it)

The reason I hadn’t watched the movie is because I thought it was a tropey children’s movie. Like “Waterhorse.” Don’t get me wrong, “Waterhorse” is a great movie, but it’s still a children’s movie…..

“Okja” is not a children’s movie. It’s a very poignant and moving story of a future world where the need for sustainable life has pushed a large corporate meat producer into creating “something else” to keep up with consumer demands for meat. The little girl, Mija, who is Okja’s companion, does her best in a world of greed and deceitful people. She even encounters deceit in a group of activists calling themselves “ALF”. It is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story that hits right square in the feels, and I’m convinced that if you don’t at least sniffle a bit during the movie, you are a soulless bastard. I actually ended up full-on bawling like a little baby on several occasions. 

Anyhow, “Okja” is on Netflix. Definitely watch it. It’s been watered down to make it more palatable for movie audiences, but if the practices you see in the movie disgust you, then understand that those practices are what is considered to be the most humane practices in today’s meat industry. This is what happens to animals on the very best “cruelty free” farms. The common practices on standard farms are several orders of magnitude worse, and several thousands of times more filthy and horrible. 

Be the change you want to see, and go meat free. It isn’t difficult. And it’s very healthy. For animals, humans, and the planet. 

Ps, “Okja” doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to it’s creators. I’m simply in awe of the movie and want to talk about it. No one paid me to write this review, it’s simply a great movie


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