Rice Milk failure.

Welp, I tried a home-made rice milk recipe that churned out utter crap. It had the flavor of water and the consistency of vomit. If that’s your thing, then go for it. 

This is after 20 min of trying to filter the rice particulates out. The level has not changed by even one mililiter.

If, as I suspect, it isn’t your thing, perhaps you can join me in a hunt for a homemade rice milk recipe that has a similar flavor and consistency to a popular brand of pre-made rice milk, who shall remain unnamed to keep copywrite issues to a minimum, but let me just say that I Dream about this milk made of rice. 

I’m probably being silly, but it seems like this company would likely become litigious if someone were to attempt to make a beverage that tasted the same as theirs and then share the recipe with other people….

Anyways, let the games begin!


I found a possible recipe, but it will be tomorrow morning before I know whether or not its a good recipe. It says 10 hours, which means I could have it done by this evening, but I’m a bit impatient, so I’m gonna set it up before I go to sleep so I’m not constantly messing with it. 


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