Creamy Potato Soup

Holy cow! …err… as it were… This dish is further proof that meat and dairy are completely unnecessary for delicious flavor and dietary variety. I made this soup with red potatoes, sauteed yellow onions, garlic, pepper, chives, herbes de province (sans lavender), shredded sweet potato leaves, a very tiny amount of olive oil to sautee the onions, and nooch. Whether you’re vegan or not, this soup is ridiculously delicious. 

And the best part is it takes almost zero cooking skill: sautee the onions until they’re clear-ish, simmer the herbs and potatoes with the sauteed onions until you can easily put your spoon through the potatoes, and after you’ve simmered everything, add your leaves and nooch, stir, and spoon into a bowl. You can shred your leaves to keep busy while you’re waiting for the potatoes to soften.


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