Egg-ish Tofu Filled Pita

So, I got some firm tofu when I went to the international market because I was craving a fried egg sandwich… not craving bad enough to “break some eggs,” but bad enough to whip out my copy of “Earthlings” and sit through about 5 minutes of reminders. “A Clockwork Orange” style:

This is probably how I’ll have to be rigged to finally finish “Earthlings”

Anyhow, my persistence and patience paid off with this little breakfast:

Nailed It!

I took about 1/5 of the tofu (or dofu) block and broke it apart into “scrambled egg size” pieces. I then proceeded to put 1/4 cup water, 1tsp olive oil, 1tbsp nooch, and salt and pepper to taste into a small skillet and cook it on medium flame until the water was gone and the oil was sizzling the tofu (dofu). I popped the pita bread halves into the toaster for just long enough to get them warm, then opened em, stuffed em, and subsequently ate em. 

The nutritional yeast gave it an authentic flavor and appearance because of the cheese-ish flavor and pale yellow color, and the salt/pepper combo nailed the rest. Firm dofu has a texture so similar to scrambled eggs that I used to substitute it for scrambled eggs even before I went full vegan. I used to use butter back then, so the flavor was still animal based, but now that I’ve discovered nooch:

Brilliant flakes of delightful awesomeness

I’ll never look back and say “gosh I miss dairy” because I can always sprinkle these golden flakes of B-Complex awesomeness on whatever I’m eating to give it that little bit extra that takes it from “edible” to “Superb!”

Is it “whole”? Nah, but that doesn’t make it bad, per se, you just have to be smart about how much you decide to eat. For this meal, I used a 6 inch pita round and a slice of dofu that was about 1x2x4 inches. The oil was used primarily as a non-stick device, but olive oil was chosen instead of any other oil due to its flavor profile. The pita bread was bought at the international market because of its ingredients list: 

Organic wheat flour, filtered water, olive oil, pure cane sugar, sea salt, yeast

And the dofu, well, gotta get that “eggy” texture from somewhere, amiright?

Anyhow, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind


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