RedGoesGreenBlog Mayo

I stumbled upon this post for aquafaba mayo and decided to try it out. Lemme be the first to say that it’s delicious! I doubled the recipe, since I had a half cup of aquafaba instead of 1/4 cup, but everything came out wonderful. It’s so good that I made tomato sandwiches with it immediately upon completion.

Zingy and creamy

I used apple cider vinegar (because I didn’t have lemons and I’m not fond of white vinegar), and added a pinch of onion powder (just because it was handy) 

It was a bit more like the ‘salad dressing’ you can buy for cole-slaw, but I’m almost certain that it’s because my aquafaba wasn’t thick enough. My fault, not hers. That said, it’s still nummy, and quite delightful on sammies.

My step-mother has a jar of mayo labled “cage-free, cruelty-free”… this mayo isn’t labled, but I guarantee that the only animal that suffered for this mayo was me. I had to smell it making and leave it alone until it was done, had to keep my hand on the ninja button for almost 3 minutes, and I even had to cook and eat chickpeas…. tsk tsk tsk….. Teh hoororz! 😒

Anyhow, my point is, if you’re concerned about animal welfare, go vegan. Literally zero animals were harmed in the making of this mayonnaise. Plus, it’s cholesterol free. Win win.

The aquafaba was the result of making my hummus from dried chickpeas yesterday… and honestly, it’s easier to get the @$!#//*^ from a can, but it’s definitely healthier to use dry and re-hydrate. Tinned foods aren’t great for your health, and most dried foods last just as long. Plus, if we’re ever in a zombie apocalypse, dried goods are lighter and easier to carry. Just saying. 

Also zingy. And probably creamy… depends on how long he’s been a zombie


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