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Welp, I’ve set my quest for good rice milk on the back burner for a bit, and I’m now focusing on cashew milk… which seems to be less hassle and more awesome. The cashews are more expensive short term, but if they make a palatable milk substitute then they’ll be cheaper in the long term… since I won’t be literally dumping my money down the sink with crappy tasting rice milk recipes. 

***if you’ve figured out a way to make rice milk that tastes like rice dream, lemme know how you did it. That’s what I’m looking for…***

Anyhow, I’ve stumbled upon this recipe for raw vegan cashew milk. I’m super excited because I just happen to have medjool dates in my fridge. Weird, huh? I live pretty close to an international market, so I can get a hold of some pretty obscure things… like dragonfruit… 

Dragonfruit halves

Om nom nom

and 1 1/4lb bags of raw cashew pieces…

Small white cashew pieces

Seriously… that’s the price

If you live anywhere near the Dekalb Farmers Market, or are in the area for any reason, go check it out… it’s pretty awesome. The produce section is second to none for variety.

Anyhow, back to the cashew milk recipe… *ahem* 

I’ve got the cashews soaking, and in this picture I’m about 40 min into the soak… 

Raw cashew pieces soaking in water


Anyhow, the preferred method of straining these types of milks seems to be something called a “nut bag” which is something I don’t have. 

I do, however, have the poor-man’s version, called “nylon stocking” which seems to do just fine… 

Nylon stocking over mason jar

Because broke people drink vegan milk, too

I also have a blue tea-towel, but it’s not as easy to wash up as the nylon stocking. 

Anyhow, we’re nearly to the time when I can toss these cashews into the blender and make milk. Loudly. Not as loudly as dairy cows pining over the loss of their calves, but still loud enough to be a nuisance in the house. Good thing no one is asleep here 😈 

And it’s time!!!

Raw vegan cashew milk

Ya like my tofu? Yeah… that’s right… tofu and cashew milk

I’ve got my cashew milk now 🙂 The recipe made twice what you see, but I was impressed enough with the recipe that I went a little bit fat-kid and drank the rest……… before you get all up in arms about how “fat shaming is bad”… I actually am a fat chick… slowly losing weight, but a fat chick nonetheless.

I had to put it over ice… sorry….

It’s a little dark because I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so instead of the 3 dates that were suggested, I put like six… it was still delicious with just the 3, but my sweet tooth was all like “moar sweet!” And I was all like “ok”

Anyhow, well done to you, Madison Elizabeth. It’s delicious and you’re awesome!!!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay awesome!


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