Soapboxing. Because I’m Pissed.

I’ve watched quite a few farm exposé films lately and I’ve noticed something deeply disturbing on a primal level. 

The inhumane facilities that the animals are kept in are bad, and the diseases are horrifying, but what scares me the most is the rampant psychopathy and sociopathy displayed by the workers. And I haven’t been able to find a single study dealing with the mental and emotional state of these workers! 

Don’t get me wrong, being a vegan is a really good idea for everyone, but holy shit! What is going to happen to the crime rates of these towns and communities where these disturbed people live and work when their non-human victims are no longer available to torture? Are they going to take it out on their friends and family? Their annoying neighbor? Their misbehaving child? Their cat? Their dog? Their colicky infant?

Captain Picard WTF

These people who work in agribusiness, and especially those whose work involves the slaughter of infant animals (such as on veal farms and hatcheries) really need to be studied and researched to see if they’re able to be re-habilitated into mainstream society… These are not jobs for well rounded morally, ethically, and mentally sound individuals. These jobs are for the degenerate few of our society that “get off” on causing pain, suffering, and anguish in any way they can. Whether it be mental, emotional, physical, psychological, or all of the above. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain that a percentage find the job repulsive and can only cope by compartmentalising, but there’s still a staggering number that go to work every day and look forward to  doing their job. You can even hear some of these psychopaths shouting abuse at the animals while they’re torturing them. 

Take a listen to what the workers are saying the next time you watch a farm exposé. It’s not words of comfort. It’s not even prayer. It’s foul taunting, hatred, and abuse. 

I know this is pure speculation, but I would be willing to bet a fair sum of money that the majority of workers who deal directly with the animals on these large farms have some form of sociopathy or psychopathy. Even if they went into the job with a healthy mindset, they cannot possibly remain unaffected by the abhorrent behaviors that they’re forced to act out in order to make the money they need to feed their families. 

Which also speaks to the mindset of  big agribusiness on a corporate level. What must these managers be thinking to put the hourly rate at such a comparatively high level that average citizens in rural areas (who probably have pets that they love) are willing to do despicable things to maintain their standard of living. 

Was it the intention of big ag to prove that morality and ethics have a price tag?

I’ve rambled a bit. I know. I’m just very upset (read: highly pissed off) about the distressing trend of violent individuals on farms who are “tending” to the animals. It’s sick. It’s sick enough that I’m giving serious thought and consideration to taking my vegan lifestyle to the next level… I’m pretty sure I’m already on a few watchlists… what’s one more, right?



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