Mediterranean Pasta and Soul Food

Normally I publish these posts as I’m preparing to eat the foods, but today has been a bit busy. I’ve been doing oodles of research and more than my fair share of YouTube browsing. Unfortunately for all you WordPress alumni, this means that I’ve just been “cooking by my wits” rather than digging around to find recipes on here to try out. 

What this means for today is a double feature with a bit of a culture clash. 

I present to you Mediterranean pasta:

And black beans and rice:

The pasta dish came about because I have a bunch of these little tomatoes that are doing their full best to spoil before I get to them, and I really wanted pasta for some reason. It has fresh banana peppers, black olives, Roma tomatoes, and grape tomatoes tossed in with the pasta. And it’s rather lovely. It’s one of the many variations of “sauteed veg” that makes for a delightful, healthful, nutritious, vegan, delicious, filling meal. It also functions as a covert conversion meal. If you make a large portion of this for a group of omni friends (or a small portion for yourself if your veg-curious) and also mix up some fauxmesan cheeze (cashews, or any nut really, can be used as a sunflower substitute) I can almost guarantee conversion. Or at least a removal of the “Vegan foods taste of cardboard” mental block. My very carnivorous father had 3 servings 😉

As for the black beans and rice, I was in the mood for a comfort food. As with the pasta dish, it has no added oils. It does have some salt, but definitely less than I would have put last month. The yellow sprinkles in the middle are nooch flakes. Which, if you haven’t already tried it, go out and buy some. Whether you’re vegan, omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, or any other way to self-identify by diet, go buy some. You won’t regret it. The Bragg brand and Bob’s Red Mill brand both are fortified with B12, which is something that most people are deficient in. Buy some. You can sprinkle it on just about anything, and it adds a very ‘umami’ bit of awesome to everything. 

Anyhow, black beans have a pretty decent amount of omega 3, which is a nutritional element that seems to get almost as much attention as protein when playing defensive omnivore bingo…. 


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