Minor Change in Plan

So… the next two weeks are going to go as planned, with one minor caveat: 

dark leafy greens will be my “one food”

I went to donate blood today and when they ran my sample to make sure I was good to donate, I ended up having a bit less iron than the last time I donated. Not “supplement needed” anaemic, but low enough to not want to go without a serious source of iron. Yes, brown rice has iron in it, but leafy greens taste better… plus I can get my B12 in by not rinsing all of the leaves. I’ll just have to give a teeny spritz of lemon or vinegar to get the maximum iron intake after I donate… which will likely be tomorrow…

Although come to think of it, I pounded through an all-spinach salad the night before I donated last time…. Oh well… I still prefer dark green leaves to brown rice. I’ll just leave off the vinegar so I don’t get too much iron…

Om nom nom nom…. Sweet potato leaves…..


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