My Last (interesting) Supper*

*Not actually last, just the last one for 2 weeks. 

For those of you who don’t know what I look like (all of you, btw) I have a bit of a weight problem. That round dinner roll that is my profile photo is almost an accurate representation:

Laundry day selfie. And no, I don’t smile in pictures

Because of my weight, I have a serious body image and self esteem problem. So much of one, that I have no mirrors in my house except the small one in the bathroom that I only use for flossing and post-brush plaque check. I am somewhat phobic about showing my body to anyone, but if I am to accurately record my next step, I have to get out of my comfort zone and show the parts of me that I would rather keep hidden. Like my legs:

That’s 5 years of intense cycling covered up by 5 years of fast food and 5 additional years of “healthy” meat based meal plans

My torso: 

Those bovine growth hormones skipped my breasts, somehow

My butt:

They landed solidly on my butt and hips, though

And my arms:

Thems factory worker arms… and clutter from moving

I haven’t stepped on the scale in ages, but the last time I did, I weighed 233 lbs (16.64 stone, or 105.7Kg)

Which is a bit much. Honestly, it snuck up on me. When I was in my early 20s, I was a very muscular and athletic 160 lbs (11.43 stone, or 72.6Kg). Thanks to a decade of poor diet and almost zero exercise I’ve gained 70lbs… and it feels weird to read that. It makes it real somehow. I’d like to get back to that cycling weight, or a little lower since I don’t need my cycling calves to get to work anymore. 

And the way I’m going to be doing this is by “fasting” for two weeks.the word fasting is in parentheses because I will still be eating, I’ll just only be eating one food. And because I’m obviously a glutton for punishment, the food that I’ve chosen is brown rice. It helps that I have a never-ending bag of brown rice.

Anyhow, mono-food “fasting” is supposed to reset something called a “biome” which, if I understand it correctly, means the critters in my stomach responsible for the breaking down of foods will swap over from the flesh eating kind to the kind that make mincemeat out of veggies. As it were. It should also have the added benefit of resetting my brain and tastebuds, since I will literally only be eating brown rice. No salt, no sugar, no nooch, no spices, no herbs, no oil, no flavor, and no fun. Brown rice and water only. Days 3 and 4 are supposed to be miserable and day 5 is supposed to be the euphoric endorphin release day. Expect a lot of whining in a few days. Sorry in advance. 

I’ll probably take photos on each day to document any changes and use this blog as a diary/psychiatrist’s couch. A few well placed “And how does zat make you feel?” Comments would not go amiss if one were so inclined. JS.

Anyways, this post has gone on quite long enough. Be happy, be healthy, be kind 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Last (interesting) Supper*

  1. Please reconsider Fasting! Eating only one food doesn’t provide you with all the nutrients that your body needs. Saying that, your body has a great way of telling you when its hungry for those nutrients, and holding on to excess fat if it believes you are starving yourself. You can have fun by eating right and getting fit and healthy in the process. The best ‘reset’ you can give your body is in the form of whole fruits and vegetables. All of the fibre and at absoloutely no limit. Not only will that be a better form of excess nutrients to keep you feeling great, but theres no need to refrain or starve yourself because these foods are naturally low in calories and high in goodness. I really hope you reconsider 🙂 sending you my love.

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    1. I’m not “fasting” per se, I’m just not eating a variety of foods. I picked green leaves in my next post because they’re closer to complete than brown rice. Plus they taste better. Thank you for your concern, though 🙂 I’ll still be stuffing face, just only on one food. If it starts getting bad, I’ll stop. I’m crazy, not nuts, lol


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