Solitary Confinement

This is hour one of day one of only eating one food for two weeks. Not one type of food, like bread or fruit, but one single solitary food. In this circumstance, it’s brown rice. 

It’s already difficult. I love having choices and options. I love all the colors and flavors, but having put myself in the “solitary confinement” of one food, I hope to broaden my horizons in other ways. 

Definitely gotta broaden horizons… the rest of me is already broad

Even though this will only be for 2 weeks, confining myself to just this one food will heighten my senses. My sense of smell will go into overdrive, and my sense of taste will become so accustomed to the bland mush that is brown rice that anything else that makes contact with my tongue will be the gustatorial equivalent of attending an orchestral performance from the front row, when I’ve only ever heard it on a crappy scratched vinyl that’s been used as a coaster.

I’m already regretting my decision to put myself into the confinement of eating one solitary food, but I’m going to complete this challenge and hopefully finish as a more enlightened (and lighter) individual.

Sapere Aude


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