Sometimes Life Takes a Dump on You….

So…. as you’re probably aware, my previous post has me planning on doing a two week mono-food diet…. that won’t be happening for a bit. My car died in London KY (for real… irreparably… the engine seized after a radiator hose popped off) on my way to visit my beloved brother and his darling family. (I’m not being facetious. I really love ’em that much.) So, I’m going to sell the @$!#/^&* car and hike my fat ass the remaining distance. On foot. With bug spray and a rucksack. Ps, he lives near Columbus Ohio, so I’ve got a bit of hiking to do. 

I’m gonna be safe, and I’m going to keep a sharp eye out for predators.

I’ll keep you guys posted whenever I find Wi-Fi hotspots.

Love to you all, and stay healthy.


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