Hello! I’ve been vaping since around 2011, when I started on the blu ecigs. I’ve upped my game since then and now I chase clouds and flavors. I’m constantly trying new juice flavors, and because they tend to be a bit pricey, I’m going to share my experiences with you so you don’t have to waste your money on juices you don’t like. Plus, with this blog, I can shamelessly plug my fav vape shops 😉

Cheers to Cafe Vapor Lounge in Lafayette, TN; Dr. Vape-It in Panama City Beach, FL; and I-40 Vape in Memphis, TN!!! You guys are awesome 🙂

As a quick bit of disclaimer… I am not now, nor have I ever been, a paid spokesperson for anything. My posts are purely my own opinion based on my experiences as a flavor-chasing vaper.

Long live vape!

*minor update…. as of July 31st I’ve officially switched to veganism, so expect to see a bunch of “those posts” while I settle in to my minimum cruelty lifestyle.