Hummus, my way

I don’t like hummus. It’s yucky. It has no flavor, it’s oily, and there’s nothing I want to eat it with. 

Except a spoon!!!! Or pita bread… this stuff, the stuff I made, is awesome. I reduced the amount of oil, used sesame oil instead of tahini, added water, nooch, garlic, onion powder, and a teensy bit of olive oil on top to make it pretty. 

Honestly, the entire reason I made this hummus was because I needed aquafaba for vegan mayo…. post coming soon… as soon as the aquafaba cools down enough to see how viscous it is. 

Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder why chick-peas are called that? When I was younger, (and up until yesterday, tbh) I thought it was because they used it as the base for ground chick feed. It turns out that it’s because they look like teensy baby chicks. Its glaringly obvious once you know what you’re looking at. 

Lookit how cute!

So cute!!!! He looks like a little fat fluffy baby chicken! I almost don’t want to eat it. He’s gonna make awesome hummus though…

Slaying the Dragon….fruit…

Yesterday, I went to the international market that is nearby where I am staying and saw this little guy:

Isn’t it neat? The camera didn’t quite catch the fuchia color that it actually is, but look at how cool it looks! It reminds me of illustrations of Dragon eggs from when I was a little girl. 

Only one thing to do:

Yup, cut it open and eat it. It smelled so good that I couldn’t help but to try a bit of the one on the left there… 

Soooooo good!!! Like a lightly flavored kiwifruit… And it comes away from the skin easily, almost as easily a banana does.

If you ever get a chance to try a Dragon fruit, definitely go for it! They make a wonderful treat.

Creamy Potato Soup

Holy cow! …err… as it were… This dish is further proof that meat and dairy are completely unnecessary for delicious flavor and dietary variety. I made this soup with red potatoes, sauteed yellow onions, garlic, pepper, chives, herbes de province (sans lavender), shredded sweet potato leaves, a very tiny amount of olive oil to sautee the onions, and nooch. Whether you’re vegan or not, this soup is ridiculously delicious. 

And the best part is it takes almost zero cooking skill: sautee the onions until they’re clear-ish, simmer the herbs and potatoes with the sauteed onions until you can easily put your spoon through the potatoes, and after you’ve simmered everything, add your leaves and nooch, stir, and spoon into a bowl. You can shred your leaves to keep busy while you’re waiting for the potatoes to soften.

PETA and Their Serial Killers

So, after playing around on YouTube, I came across this video… lemme tell ya, for all the flak they get, PETA has a really good marketing campaign. This video is great. All the vegan vids I’ve seen of theirs are great. And, honestly, this is coming from someone who used to wear faux PETA shirts… 

You know, the ones captioned: People Eating Tasty Animals

Anyways, after a few eye opening events, I’m a bit more open to PETA and its message. 

Never-Ending Bag of Brown Rice

So, my frugal (not to say cheap) dad heard that I was working on making rice-milk on the cheap and he donated what was left of his 50lb bag of brown rice. It’s about half full (or half empty, if you’re a realist who understands that the rice has lately been leaving the bag instead of filling it) but it should be enough to either make an extreme amount of awesome rice milk, or it will be enough to discover 10,000 incorrect ways to make rice milk…. either way, I’m set on brown rice for a while.

It feels a bit echo-y in here…. HELLO!…LO!…lo!…o!…

Rice Milk failure.

Welp, I tried a home-made rice milk recipe that churned out utter crap. It had the flavor of water and the consistency of vomit. If that’s your thing, then go for it. 

This is after 20 min of trying to filter the rice particulates out. The level has not changed by even one mililiter.

If, as I suspect, it isn’t your thing, perhaps you can join me in a hunt for a homemade rice milk recipe that has a similar flavor and consistency to a popular brand of pre-made rice milk, who shall remain unnamed to keep copywrite issues to a minimum, but let me just say that I Dream about this milk made of rice. 

I’m probably being silly, but it seems like this company would likely become litigious if someone were to attempt to make a beverage that tasted the same as theirs and then share the recipe with other people….

Anyways, let the games begin!


I found a possible recipe, but it will be tomorrow morning before I know whether or not its a good recipe. It says 10 hours, which means I could have it done by this evening, but I’m a bit impatient, so I’m gonna set it up before I go to sleep so I’m not constantly messing with it. 


I was raised on media that encouraged me (and millions like me) to be compassionate. From award winning books like “Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “Stuart,” and literally hundreds of others in the children, juvenile, and young adult section of the library, to movies such as “Dumbo,” “Ferdinand the Bull,” “Harry and the Hendersons,” “E.T.,” “Babe,” “Mighty Joe Young,” and countless others that would take up an entire separate blog just to list out. 

As my followers are no doubt aware (thank you to everyone who follows me 🙂 you help me to be better) I have recently embarked on a vegan journey. A part of what I do in my down-time is research and watch films that are in line with vegan principles. You may see my mentions of “Earthlings,” “Vegucated,” and a few more from Netflix on my various posts. What you haven’t seen was my mention of a new movie called “Okja” (pronounced oak-che-ya, with the che-ya said kinda fast, to get a hard almost single syllable out of it… it’ll make sense when you hear Mija say it)

The reason I hadn’t watched the movie is because I thought it was a tropey children’s movie. Like “Waterhorse.” Don’t get me wrong, “Waterhorse” is a great movie, but it’s still a children’s movie…..

“Okja” is not a children’s movie. It’s a very poignant and moving story of a future world where the need for sustainable life has pushed a large corporate meat producer into creating “something else” to keep up with consumer demands for meat. The little girl, Mija, who is Okja’s companion, does her best in a world of greed and deceitful people. She even encounters deceit in a group of activists calling themselves “ALF”. It is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story that hits right square in the feels, and I’m convinced that if you don’t at least sniffle a bit during the movie, you are a soulless bastard. I actually ended up full-on bawling like a little baby on several occasions. 

Anyhow, “Okja” is on Netflix. Definitely watch it. It’s been watered down to make it more palatable for movie audiences, but if the practices you see in the movie disgust you, then understand that those practices are what is considered to be the most humane practices in today’s meat industry. This is what happens to animals on the very best “cruelty free” farms. The common practices on standard farms are several orders of magnitude worse, and several thousands of times more filthy and horrible. 

Be the change you want to see, and go meat free. It isn’t difficult. And it’s very healthy. For animals, humans, and the planet. 

Ps, “Okja” doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to it’s creators. I’m simply in awe of the movie and want to talk about it. No one paid me to write this review, it’s simply a great movie

Vegan Alarm Clock Substitute

Well, I’m over half of a week into my new (mostly) whole foods vegan lifestyle and I’ve discovered a rather “alarming” change for my mornings. Thanks to this new “natural wake-up call,” I’ve been successful in losing a significant amount of weight… about 5lbs (2-ish kg) over the course of 20 minutes…. I’m certain it won’t keep off in that quantity, but it’s definitely an eye opening experience. Especially at 5am. I think the main reason for the lack of fiber wake-up call up until now came from having a dental procedure that had me on a certain narcotic made famous by Greg House, M.D. If you have ever had to take this medicine, you’ll know that it has a constipating effect. I no longer have to deal with that effect, thanks to not needing the narcotic any longer. Well, not until next Tuesday when I have my next procedure scheduled to be done. It’s wisdom teeth removal, in case anyone is curious. I’m having all of them out without anything but a local anesthetic shot. I had the left 2 done that way, and I’m happy to have the right 2 done the same way. And I still have enough “House Blend” medication to get me through the second set, too. I suppose this means that starting Tuesday, I’ll have to go back to using my phone as an alarm clock, but until then, I’ll enjoy my “All Natural” dawn chorus.


Welp, it’s the end of day 3 and it’s spaghetti night. Honestly the biggest change was the lack of parmesan cheese, so I made fauxmesan cheese instead, loosely based on several internet recipes involving nooch, cashews, garlic, and a hint of salt.

The sauce was made from absolute scratch, starting with onions, bell peppers, garlic, and a touch of olive oil, and after that was sauteed, I added fresh tomatoes that I blanched to remove the skin. I can’t stand the texture of cooked tomato skin. It’s too close to plastic for me to be comfortable.

Anyhow, after several hours of simmering with “traditional” herbs  (oregano, basil, thyme, etc) it came out pretty darn awesome. And the fauxmesan, while not “parmesan,” was still quite an awesome topping. It was close, but it took about 2 minutes of “earthlings” to remind myself why I can’t cheat, even a little.