New City, New Vape Shops

I’ve been heavily blogging about vegan stuff lately… which is cool, because my blog= my posts, but I’ve neglected to go out and about to get acquainted with my new local vape shops. 

Well, the procrastination stops here.

I’ve recently visited a very friendly, very well stocked vape shop called “Juicy Vapes” here in Conyers that has rather impressed me. Their flavor selection is beyond extensive, their hardware selection is seemingly infinite, and their staff is super friendly. 

Not only that, but they really liked my vape mod… which, if I’m honest, put me in a rather receptive mood. Really, when someone complements my mod, it puts them in my “good books” just the same as if they had complemented my pet, or my car, or my hair, or my cooking…. etc….

Vain? You betcha. But effective nonetheless.

Anyhow, I got their card with their contact info, in case someone sees this and is in the neighborhood:


RedGoesGreenBlog Mayo

I stumbled upon this post for aquafaba mayo and decided to try it out. Lemme be the first to say that it’s delicious! I doubled the recipe, since I had a half cup of aquafaba instead of 1/4 cup, but everything came out wonderful. It’s so good that I made tomato sandwiches with it immediately upon completion.

Zingy and creamy

I used apple cider vinegar (because I didn’t have lemons and I’m not fond of white vinegar), and added a pinch of onion powder (just because it was handy) 

It was a bit more like the ‘salad dressing’ you can buy for cole-slaw, but I’m almost certain that it’s because my aquafaba wasn’t thick enough. My fault, not hers. That said, it’s still nummy, and quite delightful on sammies.

My step-mother has a jar of mayo labled “cage-free, cruelty-free”… this mayo isn’t labled, but I guarantee that the only animal that suffered for this mayo was me. I had to smell it making and leave it alone until it was done, had to keep my hand on the ninja button for almost 3 minutes, and I even had to cook and eat chickpeas…. tsk tsk tsk….. Teh hoororz! 😒

Anyhow, my point is, if you’re concerned about animal welfare, go vegan. Literally zero animals were harmed in the making of this mayonnaise. Plus, it’s cholesterol free. Win win.

The aquafaba was the result of making my hummus from dried chickpeas yesterday… and honestly, it’s easier to get the @$!#//*^ from a can, but it’s definitely healthier to use dry and re-hydrate. Tinned foods aren’t great for your health, and most dried foods last just as long. Plus, if we’re ever in a zombie apocalypse, dried goods are lighter and easier to carry. Just saying. 

Also zingy. And probably creamy… depends on how long he’s been a zombie

Egg-ish Tofu Filled Pita

So, I got some firm tofu when I went to the international market because I was craving a fried egg sandwich… not craving bad enough to “break some eggs,” but bad enough to whip out my copy of “Earthlings” and sit through about 5 minutes of reminders. “A Clockwork Orange” style:

This is probably how I’ll have to be rigged to finally finish “Earthlings”

Anyhow, my persistence and patience paid off with this little breakfast:

Nailed It!

I took about 1/5 of the tofu (or dofu) block and broke it apart into “scrambled egg size” pieces. I then proceeded to put 1/4 cup water, 1tsp olive oil, 1tbsp nooch, and salt and pepper to taste into a small skillet and cook it on medium flame until the water was gone and the oil was sizzling the tofu (dofu). I popped the pita bread halves into the toaster for just long enough to get them warm, then opened em, stuffed em, and subsequently ate em. 

The nutritional yeast gave it an authentic flavor and appearance because of the cheese-ish flavor and pale yellow color, and the salt/pepper combo nailed the rest. Firm dofu has a texture so similar to scrambled eggs that I used to substitute it for scrambled eggs even before I went full vegan. I used to use butter back then, so the flavor was still animal based, but now that I’ve discovered nooch:

Brilliant flakes of delightful awesomeness

I’ll never look back and say “gosh I miss dairy” because I can always sprinkle these golden flakes of B-Complex awesomeness on whatever I’m eating to give it that little bit extra that takes it from “edible” to “Superb!”

Is it “whole”? Nah, but that doesn’t make it bad, per se, you just have to be smart about how much you decide to eat. For this meal, I used a 6 inch pita round and a slice of dofu that was about 1x2x4 inches. The oil was used primarily as a non-stick device, but olive oil was chosen instead of any other oil due to its flavor profile. The pita bread was bought at the international market because of its ingredients list: 

Organic wheat flour, filtered water, olive oil, pure cane sugar, sea salt, yeast

And the dofu, well, gotta get that “eggy” texture from somewhere, amiright?

Anyhow, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind

Hummus, my way

I don’t like hummus. It’s yucky. It has no flavor, it’s oily, and there’s nothing I want to eat it with. 

Except a spoon!!!! Or pita bread… this stuff, the stuff I made, is awesome. I reduced the amount of oil, used sesame oil instead of tahini, added water, nooch, garlic, onion powder, and a teensy bit of olive oil on top to make it pretty. 

Honestly, the entire reason I made this hummus was because I needed aquafaba for vegan mayo…. post coming soon… as soon as the aquafaba cools down enough to see how viscous it is. 

Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder why chick-peas are called that? When I was younger, (and up until yesterday, tbh) I thought it was because they used it as the base for ground chick feed. It turns out that it’s because they look like teensy baby chicks. Its glaringly obvious once you know what you’re looking at. 

Lookit how cute!

So cute!!!! He looks like a little fat fluffy baby chicken! I almost don’t want to eat it. He’s gonna make awesome hummus though…

Slaying the Dragon….fruit…

Yesterday, I went to the international market that is nearby where I am staying and saw this little guy:

Isn’t it neat? The camera didn’t quite catch the fuchia color that it actually is, but look at how cool it looks! It reminds me of illustrations of Dragon eggs from when I was a little girl. 

Only one thing to do:

Yup, cut it open and eat it. It smelled so good that I couldn’t help but to try a bit of the one on the left there… 

Soooooo good!!! Like a lightly flavored kiwifruit… And it comes away from the skin easily, almost as easily a banana does.

If you ever get a chance to try a Dragon fruit, definitely go for it! They make a wonderful treat.

Creamy Potato Soup

Holy cow! …err… as it were… This dish is further proof that meat and dairy are completely unnecessary for delicious flavor and dietary variety. I made this soup with red potatoes, sauteed yellow onions, garlic, pepper, chives, herbes de province (sans lavender), shredded sweet potato leaves, a very tiny amount of olive oil to sautee the onions, and nooch. Whether you’re vegan or not, this soup is ridiculously delicious. 

And the best part is it takes almost zero cooking skill: sautee the onions until they’re clear-ish, simmer the herbs and potatoes with the sauteed onions until you can easily put your spoon through the potatoes, and after you’ve simmered everything, add your leaves and nooch, stir, and spoon into a bowl. You can shred your leaves to keep busy while you’re waiting for the potatoes to soften.

PETA and Their Serial Killers

So, after playing around on YouTube, I came across this video… lemme tell ya, for all the flak they get, PETA has a really good marketing campaign. This video is great. All the vegan vids I’ve seen of theirs are great. And, honestly, this is coming from someone who used to wear faux PETA shirts… 

You know, the ones captioned: People Eating Tasty Animals

Anyways, after a few eye opening events, I’m a bit more open to PETA and its message. 

Never-Ending Bag of Brown Rice

So, my frugal (not to say cheap) dad heard that I was working on making rice-milk on the cheap and he donated what was left of his 50lb bag of brown rice. It’s about half full (or half empty, if you’re a realist who understands that the rice has lately been leaving the bag instead of filling it) but it should be enough to either make an extreme amount of awesome rice milk, or it will be enough to discover 10,000 incorrect ways to make rice milk…. either way, I’m set on brown rice for a while.

It feels a bit echo-y in here…. HELLO!…LO!…lo!…o!…

Rice Milk failure.

Welp, I tried a home-made rice milk recipe that churned out utter crap. It had the flavor of water and the consistency of vomit. If that’s your thing, then go for it. 

This is after 20 min of trying to filter the rice particulates out. The level has not changed by even one mililiter.

If, as I suspect, it isn’t your thing, perhaps you can join me in a hunt for a homemade rice milk recipe that has a similar flavor and consistency to a popular brand of pre-made rice milk, who shall remain unnamed to keep copywrite issues to a minimum, but let me just say that I Dream about this milk made of rice. 

I’m probably being silly, but it seems like this company would likely become litigious if someone were to attempt to make a beverage that tasted the same as theirs and then share the recipe with other people….

Anyways, let the games begin!


I found a possible recipe, but it will be tomorrow morning before I know whether or not its a good recipe. It says 10 hours, which means I could have it done by this evening, but I’m a bit impatient, so I’m gonna set it up before I go to sleep so I’m not constantly messing with it.